Online Language Courses – September 2021

12-week courses – £130

Courses take place Monday-Thursday evenings

These live, interactive classes take place online in small groups of 4-10 students.

The teacher presents and shares lesson content, you then have the opportunity to practise the language with both the teacher and fellow students in fun and creative ways.



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Helping Adults to Learn New Languages

  • We are lucky that English is the language the most people speak and want to learn, but does that mean we don’t need to learn another language?

  • Speaking someone else’s native language helps us to communicate and make friends, as well as helping us to learn about other cultures, creating connections and enhancing personal development and business opportunities.

  • Our qualified, professional and friendly teachers will set linguistic targets and aims to help you achieve your goals. The venues are chosen to be comfortable and inviting. The classes are small (6-12 students) to assist your learning by allowing the teacher to focus on you as an individual.


Level Guide

  • No previous experience, a complete beginner’s course.

  • Have studied a little before (20-40 hours), can conjugate basic verbs in the present tense, form simple sentences and know vocabulary for everyday situations.

  • Can conjugate verbs in the present tense, have seen past and future tenses and know enough vocabulary to form sentences.

  • Can conjugate verbs in the present, past and future tense and can hold a conversation.

  • Can communicate well about a variety of topics.