Spanish language learner Sarah Burton has reached a level of fluency in Spanish and regularly attends the Spanish conversation group at the Trago Lounge on Thursdays. She recommends a few websites offering graded texts and audio in Spanish for learners of different levels:

This one is done by one of the news agencies in conjunction with the Instituto Cervantes – there’s an option to switch it into English if you’re struggling!  They normally add to it daily with up-to-date news items, and as well as an audio recording to practise listening. Some items come with on-line exercises, and there’s a grammar section too.  The material is graded A, B, C – A being elementary level, B intermediate and C advanced. (If you’re not sure of your level there’s a link to an on-line assessment.)  There’s a huge archive of back material you can access.

This one also has texts in subject sections with audio recordings graded A-C (recordings in different accents from the Spanish speaking world).  They give a glossary in English to help with words you might not know.

This one is mainly for listening – all levels of ability.  Access to the audio recordings is free;  they offer help sheets to accompany them but I think they charge, except for a few sample ones.

Another internet resource that I’ve found useful is downloading podcasts from radio websites  – you can put them onto an MP3 player and listen as you go.  TV programmes and news bulletins are also available to watch online these days, which is also another good way of increasing your listening and comprehension skills. is good for TV and radio stuff.

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