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Italian Beginner

Italian Beginner Course.
Wednesday evenings (7.45-9.15pm)
12-week course.
for complete beginners (A1)

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Italian Pre-Int 1

Italian Pre-Int 1 Course.
Thursday evenings (7-8.30pm)
12-week course.
Level A1.2

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Italian Pre-Int 2

Italian Pre-Intermediate 2 Course
Monday evenings (7-8.30pm)
12-week course.
Level: A2

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Italian Int 1

Italian Intermediate 1 Course.
Tuesday evenings (7-8.30pm)
12-week course.
Level A2-B1

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12-week course: £130

courses start week commencing 13th September 2021.

These are live, interactive classes with a small group (4-10 students). The teacher presents and shares lesson content, then you have the opportunity to practise the language with both the teacher and fellow students in fun ways.


A1 : Beginner – no previous experience of learning Italian, a complete beginner’s course.
A1.2 : Beginner 2 – have studied a little Italian, can conjugate basic verbs in the present tense, form simple sentences and know vocabulary for everyday situations.
A2 : Pre-Intermediate – can conjugate verbs in the present tense, have seen past and future tenses and know enough vocabulary to form sentences and hold a simple conversation.
A2.2 : Pre-Intermediate 2 – can conjugate verbs in the present tense, past and future tenses but will revise. Can form sentences and hold a simple conversation.
B1 : Intermediate – can conjugate verbs in the present, past and future tenses and can hold a conversation in Italian.
B2 : Higher Intermediate – can communicate about a variety of topics in Italian.

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    Enjoy the delights of Italy with the benefit of communication. Our friendly, professional, qualified and experienced teachers aim to make learning Italian fun. Courses have aims and objectives in place to maximise your learning. Classes are informal and designed to be focussed on encouraging you to speak and communicate in Italian although all four skills will be practised (reading, listening, speaking and writing). Grammar and vocabulary is taught as a natural part of language progression. Learning takes place by a variety of media including; listening to audio excerpts, watching short video clips, reading stories and articles. You will learn grammar through practice exercises, both written and spoken. You are encouraged to practise by speaking in small groups.

    *Course Content– typical areas of focus are:

    Beginner Download example syllabus
    Topics: Greetings & introductions, family, nationalities, jobs, days/numbers/months, giving directions, food, daily routine.
    Grammar: Alphabet & pronunciation, regular and irregular verbs (present tense), singular and plural nouns, adjectives, personal pronouns, negation, present progressive tense.
    Beginner 2 Download example syllabus
    Topics: Holidays; public transport, Houses, talking about the past, invitations/suggestions, excuses, body and health, diet and habits, free time.
    Grammar: Revision of verbs; present perfect, regular and irregular verbs (present perfect tense), past participles, imperative, reflexive verbs modal verbs, comparative.
    Pre-Intermediate Download example syllabus
    Topic: Finding information about the city, describing a house, planning an activity.
    Grammar: Future tense, reflexive verbs, preposizioni semplici e articolate, adverbs.
    Intermediate Download example syllabus
    Topic: Parlare delle vacanze, Facoltà universitarie e relative figure professionali, Prenotare una camera d’albergo, La storia di Roma, Parlare delle proprie abitudini per viver sano.
    Grammar: Pronomi relativi, superlativo relativo & assoluto, Passato remoto – verbi regolari & irregolari.
    Topic: Topical and cultural issues, articles.
    Grammar: Emerging grammar review and consolidation

    *Please note, course content will vary depending on course teacher and course book content.
    No refunds are given for classes not attended once a course has begun (Courses can be cancelled and refunded up to 5 days before their start)

    Italian Teachers

    Elisabetta Calamelli

    I am a qualified and experienced native teacher of Italian. I currently spend most of my time teaching Italian and French to kids in a secondary school and I like being constantly up-to-date on teaching methodologies. Passionate about languages and diversity, I developed a specific know-how in motivating and orienting students, as well as in detecting their personal needs in language learning. In my classes, the student is the real manager of his own learning, starting from his goals, passions, skills and weaknesses. I love making my lessons fun and interactive so everyone can benefit from using the language in a positive and stimulating environment.

    Chiara Lazzaro

    Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chiara and I do Italian! In the sense that I learn, teach, eat, sleep, breathe
    Italian! I am CELTA qualified with a Bachelor's degree in Modern Languages and I am used to teaching
    Italian at all levels. Languages were never really a thing for me until I decided to host American students
    and share our experiences, cultures and traditions. Since then, it’s been a growing passion that has led to
    me making Italian my business.